Information and Facts


The Saanen is a great goat, it is a heavy milk producer with two to three gallons per day. The Saanen also has a two to three percent butterfat and has an eight to twelve year life span. Although the Saanen is sensitive to excessive light and need extra care in their feed. They are also not specialized in the meat industry.
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LaMancha has some great qualities like being able to produce up to two years of milk without re-breeding. They also are hardy and well in almost in any climate and are calm and quiet. However they are very clever so they require goat proof latches, they also prefer to be in herds. Their ears also need special attention because they easily trap moisture.
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The Boer is another great breed of goat its meat contains 50-65% less fat than beef. They are a high quality protein source and can produce up to 4.4 pounds of milk per day. These are great qualities but they are bad mothers.
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Crossbreed: Sabor

The Sabor is a crossbreed between a Saanen and a Boer. It has medium sized floppy ears and is a light tan color with short legs. Some of the good qualities of this goat are its life span of 8-12 years. It is also a good milk and meat producer. However this breed is a bad mother and is high matanince in their feed.