Norwalk Middle School Library

October 2013

6th grade Yukon Weather report

6th graders worked in groups to create a weather report. As part of their weather report they compared and contrast weather in the Yukon to Iowa. This include high and low temperatures, average temperatures and precipitation.

Here is a link to the sample weather report that I made for 6th graders. I did my forecast comparing Iowa and Nigeria.

7th grade World History

As part of the 7th grade world history class, there are a number of online textbook resources for students to use. For a couple of days this month I worked with the 7th grade world history teachers to help students to learn about the the tools that are available as part of the online textbooks.

Iowa Technology & Education Connection Conference 2013

Besides teaching and collaborating, I also have the opportunity to attend conferences. At these conferences, I have the opportunity to see videos like the two that I have included that inspire me as a teacher. They inspire me to be a better teacher. They inspire me to think outside of the box and push my students to think outside of the box. I am inspired to be creative and to encourage and inspire my students to be creative.

Mars Rover: This video is a mash-up of the song "Call Me Maybe" and video of the Mars Rover. What makes this video even more impressive is how the lyrics and this song go to together to make it a more powerful and meaningful.

Rude Goldberg: This video is of young man who created a Rude Goldberg machine, and like he says "I thought it was going to be umpteen failures... It worked!" We have to be willing to try and fail "upteen" times to just get one success. Also if you don't succeed, try, try again.

Mars Science Lab - Curiosity Rover "Call Me MayBe" Mashup (Pre Landing Version)
Audri's Rube Goldberg Monster Trap