5 Diet Tips for VS Models

-Jennifer Harrison


5 Diet Tips from the Woman Who Tells Victoria's Secret Models What to Eat, by Elizabeth Narris, is an article found on Cosmopolitan.com written on December 9, 2015. The author summarized an interview by Vannessa Packer, a nutritionist who gives five tips of healthy eating that her models follow. The first tip is to eat oatmeal for breakfast because of the whole grains and carbs to fill up and give you energy. The second tip is to drink green juice after morning workouts. The third is to avoid sugar because, “there’s no room for the sweet stuff in a ‘clean’ diet,” (Narris, 2015). The fourth is to cook your own meals instead of fast food. And the fifth is to not randomly eliminate ‘bad’ foods.


Cosmopolitan.com is a website than many young women read for beauty tips, celebrity gossip, and health and fitness information. Because the website revolves around Hollywood media, the credibility of the magazine is very fuzzy. The author, Elizabeth Narris, is a journalist in the Health and Fitness column, but has no credentials in nutrition. Vanessa Packer’s only credentials are that she is a “holistic nutritionist.” Based on Narris’s article summary of Packer’s interview, she is not very reliable. The article is well written, but is lacking scientific evidence. These recommendations are for models and the author doesn’t recognize different body types between models and other individuals. Eating one bowl of oatmeal is not sufficient enough for the American population to fuel them throughout the day. Working out in the morning is recommended, but if the green juice isn’t made from home, smoothies from stores can have a lot of added sugars. Avoid sugars altogether to wrong, you should reduce the amount of added sugars. Cooking your own food is a great way to know what exactly is going into your body! The last tip doesn’t really make sense, she explains to not eliminate whole food groups, listen to what your body wants to eat, to not eat for the sake of eating, and be less restrictive, but two of her tips were to eat oatmeal for breakfast and avoid ALL sugars. These quick fix diet tips show evidence of a “junk science” article. I would advise my patients to visit www.eatright.org or www.choosemyplate.gov if they wanted better healthy eating tips.


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