Mac El Weekly News

Message from the Principal

December 17, 2021

As we leave for break, we hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends, relax and enjoy the time together!

When we return to school on January 3, please make sure your student brings their Chromebook and charger with them to school. As the weather is unkown for the winter months, they will be sent home daily. Please make sure they are charged.

Have a Merry Christmas and looking forward to seeing you in the New Year!


Announcements for the week

After School Remediation

Letters were sent home this week if your child was invited to attend after school remediation. If you received a letter, please return it when we come back on January 3 and indicate if your student will need transportation.

Remediation dates: January 10 - Feb 28 (Tues./Thurs.) from 3:30 - 4:45

Chromebooks home

Chromebooks and chargers were sent home to be prepared should there be a need for e-learning in January. Please be sure to keep them in a safe place. They will need to bring them back with them January 3. When we return, students will bring their Chromebooks and chargers home each night to be prepared for weather issues and potential school closings. Should there be a need for e-learning, students will need to login through their Google Classrooms for assignments.

School Counselor/Guidance Information

As we know, this has been a challenging year for many of our students. Guidance has been providing support to all students by going to the classrooms and discussing a variety of topics. Over the course of this semester, classroom topics have included: Bullying, Empathy, Taking Others’ Perspectives, and Gaining control over our emotions and centering ourselves. This week, we continued to practice Guided Meditation. There have been lots of positive responses from staff & students that they have enjoyed it, even though the meditations have only been 5 minutes long. This week students worked on getting rid of intrusive thoughts - whether they be positive or negative. Recognizing how they make us feel as well as how to get rid of them and focus on centering ourselves to relax. This week has been very stressful for many students & staff. Next semester classes will learn more about Emotion Management, Problem Solving, and dealing with rumors and negativity from others.

Remember also, if your child is need of additional support from our Guidance Department, we have both Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Adams available to help our students.

From the Nurse

IMPORTANT: It is the time of year when cold medication etc, may be needed at school, if that is the case, please send it in the original container to the school nurse with a note. We can not administer it otherwise.

If you are interested in a Covid 19 vaccine for your child, contact your health care provider or the Miami County Health Department. See more information below. Thank you for all of your help supporting our back to school guidelines. It has really helped to reduce our quarantine and postiive covid numbers.




ILEARN Information for Families

Please click on the link below for ILEARN information from the Indiana Department of Education. (English and Spanish versions)

Covid 19 School Guidance


Water Bottles

Students are encouraged to bring their water bottles to school daily. There are water bottle filling stations to refill.

Computer Stylus

If your student has lost their stylus, it is $20 to replace. Students can purchase one in the Minion Office.

Bus / Pick up Changes

If you need to change your child's bus going home or that they are being picked up, parents MUST speak to a person. DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE as the staff member may not hear their messages before the end of the school day.

School Drop Off/Pick up

8:10am - Doors open for student drop off. Parents may drive up to door 19E to drop off. PLEASE DO NOT drop off your student before the doors open. This is a safety concern as staff will not be present until 8:10am.