Medical Imaging Records and Image exchange

The Market

Healthcare costs are unsustainable, costing the US over $2.2 trillion. For all this spending, the country scores average or lower on many indicators of health care quality such as morbidity and mortality.

Advances in medical technology have given the physician vastly improved abilities to non invasively detect, diagnose, and treat disease, but these approaches are also one of the primary drivers of health care cost increase.


It has been estimated that between $3 and $10 billion are wasted in the U.S. annually on unnecessary or duplicate imaging. These imaging records are disparate and silo'd across multiple facilities under different medical record identities.

Physicians spend an inordinate amount of wasted time retrieving patient imaging records, and it is never readily available for rapid clinical decision making.

Clinical scenarios that face challenges with disparate medical imaging records and are ready for disruption by real-time imaging exchange:


Competitors including Merge and LifeIMAGE are focused on archival and storage-in-a-cloud solutions, but poorly address the issue of multiple medical record identities that belong to a single person. GalileoMD has developed innovative software algorithms to streamline transfer, retrieval, and aggregation of DICOM images.

We match disparate records of a patient from multiple PACS systems across various locations into a single digital chart.

To display the imaging records, our platform will allow these images to be rendered in full clinical resolution in a zero-download clientless viewer. This viewer is fully HTML5 compliant, and can easily be embedded within any modern browser, including mobile tablets and handhelds. It is also developed from the ground up to integrate into any of the numerous telemedicine solutions already in existence without requiring any other client/software installation, transforming it into a Vendor Neutral Format.