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Hello GOAL Families!

We hope you have had a wonderful week!

What you need to know in GOAL:

  • We are not taking anymore sugar scrub orders for Mother's Day. There is still time for "End of the Year" teacher gifts though!
  • May 4th- "May the Force Be with You" Day! Participants may wear a Star Wars shirt that day. Please bring a work shirt to change into for jobs that afternoon.
  • GOAL Dessert Theater is May 20th.

The GOAL Music Theatre class is putting on a Dessert Theatre on Friday, May 20th at 6:30 pm in the GOS Auditorium. The show consists of group numbers, solos, duets and trios from such Broadway Musicals as Bye Bye Birdie, Cinderella, Oklahoma, Annie, Get Your Gun and others. While only the participants listed will be performing, we invite all participants and their families to attend.

The following people are participating in the Dessert Theatre:

Women: Bryn, Kristin, Erin, Rachael, Hannah, Sheridan, Haley W, Cayti, Erica, Mallory, Megan

Men: Jeff, Ben, Robert, Brett, Ethan, Jonathan J, Danny C, Dan R

Those that participate in the other GOAL Music class will have a chance to perform a couple of songs on the last day of school, as will all GOS classes. The Music Theatre group will repeat their show also. These performances will be in the afternoon on Friday, May 27th.

Our Week:

Green Team

  • Took care of plants and recycling.
  • Planted sun flowers.


  • Learned that our address and phone number are part of our personal information and read about a man with an address in Japan.

Creative Arts

  • Made sugar scrubs and beaded crosses.


  • Read about Ruth and Naomi.


  • Discussed past, present and future tense.

Social Skills

  • Talked about the red circle: Total strangers.


  • Made cookies to freeze for the dessert theater.

Fitness & Wellness

  • Practiced our yoga poses while playing Yoga Spinner.

Expressive Literacy

  • Made a name collage using the letters in our names.

Skills for Independence

  • Reviewed items in a first aid kit and learned about fire safety.


  • Learned about endangered species and how they became endangered.

  • Completed the lesson over calculator skills.
  • Made equations using a ten frame.

Production Room

  • Have been busy making sugar scrubs and trying to catch up on all the orders received!

Media Works

  • Took pictures for the newsletter.
  • Designed the newsletter.

Have a wonderful weekend!

GOAL Staff

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