this means war!!!

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January 17, 1893, The day, the Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrown, this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for President Benjamin Harrison, President William McKinley, and Minister John L. Stevens.

the historical signifigance

This important to history because, this act is an act of war. The United States had no rights to force the Hawaiian Islands to be annexed. This has made Hawaiians mad, not only because they know their rights and limitations, but because people today are still petitioning and fighting for the islands to not be annexed anymore. The United States annexing the Hawaiian islands was intended to only have pearl harbor annexed, but since the Senate had sent a bigger treaty for all the islands, Hawaiians are unhappy with the outcome.

Is Hawaii Illegally and lawfully a State of the Union

I believe that the Hawaiian Islands is Illegally a part of the United states only because, they had forced them to become annexed to the United States. Many men and women had petitioned against it because they had wanted to take the islands back a fair way. When the petition was submitted and received, it had failed to do anything. The Hawaiians were very unhappy because of what had happened, and still fight for Hawaii to be free. Hawaiians today sing and dance to their culture and hoping one day the United States will see what they had done wrong. Hoping that the United States would notice this was an illegal and immoral act. This to people was an act of war.

Kaulana Na Pua

This is Kaulana Na Pua, this song is sung to tell people that they are happy with their land, they are happy with rocks and food. This song here is basically explaining the overthrow of Hawaii. That although they didn't want to be annexed and it was an unfair act, they are happy with what they have now. This video has been chosen because I believe that it was unfair for the United States to do what they did.