Weekly Update

Week of September 23rd

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Our Digital Literacy Coordinator, Mary Clay Vick, will be visiting Grade Levels throughout the year to support your technology needs. Take a look at the flier, A Penny for Your Thoughts for more information.

Intervention Updates by Lisa Wohlschaelger

The Intervention Committee will be meeting in the upcoming weeks to create our intervention practices. The plan is to do a hard dive on our data to determine the needs of the students, specific support needed, and how that will look in our building. This information will be used to launch our Intervention Structure.

During the interim, you are expected to use the following data to form small groups during all-block and guided reading times.

How to Help Your Students?

If students are showing signs of needing extra instructional assistance do the following:

1. Change instructional practices to address student needs.

2. Collect and gather data for future use.

3. Address student needs within the classroom during guided reading, EL blocks and designated Boost time.

What Data Should I Use?

Kindergarten: Use KIA date and BOY Mclass Dibels

Grades 1 - 2: Use Dibels and Letterland Initial Placement Test

Grades 3-5: Use BOY Mclass Dibels

Last Year's LEP plans and Tier Plans are in the shared drive. See me if you need assistance in accessing them.

What's Next?

In the upcoming weeks, the Intervention Team and Administration will provide a matrix of resources to be used for Intensive and Supplemental support. Clear expectations and guidelines will be provided in accordance with WCPSS District Policies.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.


Data Spreadsheets by Trent Crumpler

As a reminder, over the next few weeks, we will also be utilizing the Academics and Intervention Committees to have vertical alignment conversations when it comes to data collection. In the meantime, please save any pre & post assessment data you collect, as well as weekly check-in assessments, until a decision has been made.

Gaga Ball & Recess Duty Supervision

This is a friendly reminder that during Recess Duty everyone is asked to spread out in order to provide adequate student supervision and safety. Gaga Ball, in particular appears to need a watchful eye. Any additional injuries or extreme aggressiveness may result in students not being able to participate in this game on campus. Please make sure that rules have been established and are enforced.

Book Room #117

Last year, Lisa Grove and Jasmyne Williams spent numerous hours in organizing our book room. Unfortunately, in the few weeks that we have been in school, staff members have been using the book room as a dumping ground. Books have been placed everywhere along with other miscellaneous items left all over the place. As a result, the book room will remain locked and opened only by request. Books will be signed out and staff will be held accountable for any items not returned. Many people worked hard over the summer and throughout the school year to provide our school with an environment that is clean, organized and well maintained. Every person in the building is expected to maintain a high level of pride in our facilities both in your personal classrooms as well as in our common areas to help maintain all areas of our campus. We are seeking volunteers to help reorganize the room yet again. Please see Mrs. Williams or Mr. Crumpler if you would like to pitch in to help.

PLT & Grade Level Planning

PLT & Grade Level Planning schedules are effective the week of September 23rd. A complete list of all grade levels PLT and planning times can be found here.

Save the Dates.....

October 14th, at 4:15 pm- Boosterthon Teacher Meeting in Media Center

October 15th, Boosterthon Pep Rally (Tentative Schedule)

Grades 3-5: 9:30am - 10:00am

Grades K-2: 10:15am - 10:45am

October 15th, 6:00pm - 7:00pm Curriculum Night Grades K-2 Reading

October 22nd, 6:00pm - 7:00pm Curriculum Night Grades 3-5 Reading

October 23rd, FUN RUN (Tentative Schedule)

Grades K-1 9:30am

Grades 2-3 10:40am

Grades 4-5 11:50am

January 3rd, - Protected Workday

January 23rd, - STEM Night hosted by NCSU