European country discovery project

country basics

the name of the country is Moldova

the capital of the country is Chisinau

the flag and what it means is the national flag of Moldova the flag was based on romania flag and reprsents moldova shared heitage with Romania


the location is The continent is Europe and the countries that surround Moldova is Romania, and Ukraine

the Major land forms are very hilly and has alot of rivers by the country

the Major landmarks rocky hills and vine yards.

the Major bodies of water Dreiser river and Pruth river

the geography //environment effects the citizens lives by to get fresh water and the land forms that are good for there environment


The type of government they have is is a parliamentary republic

the leader of Moldova is Nicolae Timofti

the leader was chosen like he served 5 years on the Chisinau appellate

the rights and rules and responsibilities of a citizen is the citizenship of a republic of Moldova can be acquired, retained lost under the conditions provided for by the organic law


the nation rich because the economy is the largest economy in the world

the kind of money they use is Moldovan leu

the main import and export is that their the largest export economy in the world

the life expectancy, birth rate, literacy rate, and drinking water source (le) is 68.8 and birth rate is 12.2 literacy rate is 99 of the population does not have acess to safe drinking water sources but they do get some of their water source from a river


the traditional and modern clothing the women wear a nice dress and high heels but they do not wear them inside only slippers inside and scarfs on there head but unmarried women do not wear them on there head.

the major languages they speak is Russian.

the holidays they have is the same ones we have except limba noasta.

there religions and religion beliefs are orthodox christian and that God will come.

the food they like is called maize served with fried meat sour cream and Moldovan cheese called brinza.

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the general weather conditions there are 39 degrees and very windy.

the average yearly rainfall is 10 percent.

the average yearly temperature about 20 degrees to 68 degrees.

the affects the climate has on the country is the climate changes and the country changes temperature.


2 examples of an historical event that has happened is an independent republic east of Romania , once part of the soviet union its the capital of Chisinau. A roman fortified citadel was built about this. It may have protected a town occupied by lafteera Samaritan king.

Compare and Contrast

2 aspects of my country's culture religion government food language housing and clothing and i compared it to those same aspects to our culture in the u.s the religion in Moldova is orthodox Christianity and language is Russian and in the u.s the religion is Christian and the language is English they both have different languages but they almost have the same religion there both Christians.

2 similarities and 2 differences for each aspect of the culture the food they have in Moldova is maize and the clothes they have is dresses and scrafts on there head and the us has any kind of food and the clothes we wear are shirts and pants and any other kind of clothes. We do not eat the same food and we don't wear scarf''s around our head and we kinda wear the same clothes.