Assessment for Learning

The 21st Century

Key Strategies from Video

1. Clarifying, understanding, and sharing learning objectives.

2. Engineering effective classroom discussions, tasks and activities that elicit evidence of learning.

3. Providing feedback that moves learners forward.

4. Activate students as learning resources for one another.

5. Activate students as owner so of their own learning.

Assessment Learning

I believe that the video is helpful for both the teacher and the students. The C3B4Me is a great way to get students to look harder for their answer. I am sure that when it comes to more difficult studies and approaching each question and trying to find 3 sources before asking for help with show the student that they need to make sure they explore all options before running straight for help because when class if over, they will have to deal with situations that they can't run straight to someone and ask for the answer.

Formative vs Summative Assessment

Formative Assessment has a goal to monitoring student learning to help with providing ongoing feedback that can be used to help the teachers improve their teaching and students improve their learning. Summative Assessment helps to evaluate student learning by comparing it to some type of benchmark.

Formative assessment, in my opinion, is more beneficial because it helps both sides and finds what may work best when it comes to teaching and learning. Summative, I feel, sets the bar on what 'scores' need to be had instead of whether the material is being learned or not.