Mountain Gorilla

Dieing off by the mineute

About The Mountain Gorilla

In the forests of Central Africa lives a beast called the Mountain Gorilla. These gentle giants offen will get bloaded stomaches because they eat to much grass and leaves. The male called a silver back will lead and hunt for the tribe/heard. They look like a soft fuzzy rock with eyes ears and a noes. I have suplyed pictures of a male and female mountain gorillas for you to look at. If you are hunting and see a gorilla and want to kill it please think again.

We Can Help

Reasons To Save Them

You should help the mountain gorilla because they won't hurt you, and they are more afraid of you than you are of them. They are also Gods creatures if you were a gorilla and a human walked up to you would you be afraid? I think so. The worst they will do is charge at you pounding their chest. I admit that is a little scary but they wont hurt you. What did they ever do to you?