Day and night

By: Alana Holloway 8-4

Which part of the plot do these characters facial expressions show?

They show in the exposition when they learn they are jealous of each other


Day wants to be night and night wants to be day. Person vs person


Day and Night are in the country and city

Rising actions

#1) Day sees Night and sheep jumping on Night while he sleeps, Day wants the sheep so he wakes up Night.

#2) Day has a lady on the beach on him and night doesn't so Night gets jealous.

#3) Day has a swimming pool with people in it and night has the pool but there are no people so night gets jealous and they get into a fight.


Night and Day both turn into sunset and sunrise so they look the same.

Falling action

#1) Day switches to Night

#2) Night switches to Day


They become the other character so they are happy.