Sympathy and Empathy


the definition of sympathy feeling for someone and also drives disconnection. More sympathy was shown in Fade to black Than in the sea of storms. mostly because the boy Alex in fade to black has HIV so more people fell for him. only because less people have HIV.


The definition of Empathy is to feel with someone also it fuels connections. This was shown more in The sea of storms than fade to black. there is more in the sea of storms because the way the book is laid out is with multiple characters. more so they all are connected and have something in common. but with fade to black they really don't have a lot of things in common because no one else can feel with him because they don't have HIV.


the books aren't in common at all one is focused on sympathy and the other is focused on empathy yes some parts in each book have sympathy and empathy. But the books are both good books i liked The Sea Of Storms more than Fade To Black.
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