Rally Table

Kagan Strategies

What is it?

Each pair of students has one piece of paper and 2 different colored pencils. Students take turns writing, drawing, working out steps of a problem, and passing the paper to the partner who continues the next part of the assignment. Works well for solving math problems, working one step at time, constructing a paragraph of piece of writing. In science for identifying steps in a process. Could also be used for sharing ideas or questioning strategies.

What does it look like non digital?

Students sit beside each other and pass the paper back and forth.

What does it look like in a digital classroom?

Students can use Google docs to communicate with someone across the room about a topic, posting ideas back and forth. With this way, you could even do it during a movie and pause at certain times for partner A to reflect, then pause for partner B to reflect. You could have each partner use a different color or font.