A Marine Boilogist is the study of ocean aquatic organisms, their behavoirs, and their interactions with the enviroment.

A Cool Fact About This Job

a very cool fact about this job is that a Marine Biologist  is that they can discover new compounds to make medications by studing novel marine bacteria.

Benefiting society

 A Marine Boiloist can help society by helping the seafood industry and can provide comsumers with good food choices that can help them.

Needed classes to take

 I f you want to be a Marine Biologist then in High school you need to take biology, chemistry, physics, algebra, geometry, calculus. In clooage you would need to get a bachelor's or Masters dergee.

Do you have what it takes?

 Some personal  things that you would have to need for the job is the love of the nature and the ocean, creativitiy, persistence, curiosity. With out any of these then you wouldn't like your job that much and would be misrable.

Job Advice

If your not sure of what you want to be when you grow up you should be a marine biologist because when you get out of colage they may have a job for you. They have a 14% to a 20% opening every year.with a pay of $59,330 per year.


If you want to be a Marine Biologist then you will need to know what companies that hire the job you want. Jobs that hire Marine Bioloist are Monterey bay Aquarium Reasearch Instituion ,National Oceanic and Atmospheric  administration, and Scripps Insititute of Oceanography
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