Team Kramer News

February 12, 2016

Kindness week was awesome to experience!

We discussed each day how we can be kind at school or even when we are not at school! We were blessed with fun notes on our lockers by older grade levels. We had a blast dressing up for each kindness day as well! We were able to get in learning too! The students made a plan for what their play dough process will be in order to improve mine for science. During math we wrapped up our unit 5 which was about different strategies to solve word problems along with counting coin combinations. These writers have continued to work on their compare and contrast skills. As readers we are continuing to infer what the author does not tell us in the book by using the book's clues and our own schema! We had a Valentine's Day party as well!!!

Look Forward To:

February 15 & 16 No School

February 24 Box Tops are DUE
February 26 Jump Rope for Heart is DUE

March 1 School Assembly

March 14 & 15 Conferences

Have a great Valentine's weekend!

Feel free to contact me with anything!