Molly Hayes

Rosa Rivera

Important Facts

  1. One fact is Molly Hayes supported herself by working as a general servant.
  2. The second fact is Molly Hayes had no education growing up.
  3. The last fact is Molly Hayes went to Pennsylvania to be a servant for Anna and Dr. William Irvine.

Family Life

Molly Hayes mom is named Maria Margaretha Ludwick.

Molly Hayes dads name is John George Ludwig.

Molly Hayes Had 3 brothers.

Molly Hayes husbands name is William Casper Hayes.

Molly Hayes had a son named Jhon L Hayes.

Molly Hayes was born October 13th,1754 and died January 22,1832 (Patriot).

Famous For

Talking her husbands place loading cannon in the battle of Mamouth June 28,1778

Role In Revolution

Firing cannon in place of her husband.

Life After The Revolution

Molly Continued to work as a servant.