The Great Lakes Region

Made by: Audrey E. Stewart


In this region there are, lots of plains and some small hills. Also, there is one small plateau. The plains are located in all of the states in this region. The small hills are located around the water. The small plateau is located above lake Superior. So if you like small hills and plains or possibly like the small plateau, this is a great place for you to live.
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More Geography

The five great lake states are connected to the Atlantic ocean by the St. Lawrence river. Lake Huron, lake Ontario, lake Michigan, lake Erie and lake Superior. They are located in the north east corner of the great lakes region. The Mississippi river runs through the great lake states. (Starts in Minnesota) So if you like lots of fresh water and being in the water, this is a great region for you to live in. (The most water you'll get is if you move into the northern part of Michigan. See map below). :)
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Even More Geography

In the summer at the great lakes, it can be over 100 degrees F. However, in the winter, in can go below -10 degrees F. Fall and spring aren't hot yet not cold. But it does rain every few days. So if you like really hot summers and really cold winters, then this might just be the perfect place for you to live.

Last Bit Of Geography

The states in the great lakes region are, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. The major city in Wisconsin is Milwaukee. The state capital is, Madison. The major city in Michigan is, Detroit. The state capital is, Lansing. The major cities in Indiana are, Fort Wayne, Evansville and Gary. The state capita in Indiana is Indianapolis. The major cities in Ohio are, Cleavland and Toledo. The state capital is, Columbus. The major city in Illinois is, Chicago. The state capital is Springfield. In Minnesota the major city is Minneapolis. The state capital in Minnesota is St. Paul. The major city in Iowa is, Cedar rapids. The state capital is, Des Monies. In Missouri the major city is, Kansas city and Springfield. The state capital is Jefferson. Those are the names of the states, the major city/cities in the states and the state capitals.

Natural Wonder, Detroit

A national wonder here in the great lakes region is, Detroit. Detroit has the three major motor companies. Detroit has lots of big buildings and lots of big stadiums for football and base ball. Detroit is located on the edge of Michigan. Detroit is important because, it has the three major motor companies. There have been lots of historical events in Detroit. Here is one of them! In 2009, Detroit hosted the XL (40th) Super bowl. The city of Detroit is interesting because, there are lots of art institutes. Something else that makes it interesting is, there is a small island called Belle Isle that you could visit in Detroit. But you can only go there if you are in Detroit! You could also go to the Motown Historical museum where, you could find out what other historical events have happened in Detroit. Those are some things that you could only do if you lived or at least visited Detroit.
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The great lakes region has the greatest amount of transportation resources. So you could get around the city fast. Chicago, has the most important rail and trucking center in the US. In this region there are the great lakes as well as the Mississippi river. Which means lots of fresh water. The industrial sprawl around Gary leads the nation of steel production. Most people that live in Iowa, work in jobs that are related to farming. So if you want to be a farmer, you can go to the great lakes. Michigan has the three largest car companies in America. Which means if you like working with cars, you could go to Michigan and get a job at the car companies. Minnesota produces more than half of the world's iron ore. Which means if you want to be a miner or a black smith, that's a good place for you to live. Missouri manufactures lots of transportation equipment. Like, rail road cars, air crafts, space crafts and fire-engines. So if you like to craft things there is a good chance that you would like that job. Ohio hosts the box derbies every summer and was once the leader in tire research and production. So if you're interested in any of that, it's only in Ohio. Last but certainly not least, Wisconsin. Wisconsin had a great fire that destroyed most of Chicago. Also in 1871, Milwaukee's breweries became the nations most important brewery.

More Econemy

In this region lots of cars are manufactured. They are produced in Detroit Michigan. This region manufactures, coal, iron ore,oil,limestone and lead. The lead is produced in Missouri, the coal is mined in Illinois,Missouri,Indiana and Ohio, the limestone is produced in Indiana, the iron ore is mined and produced in Minnesota and Michigan. Last but not least, the oil is produced in Illinois,Michigan,Indiana and Ohio. There are also many natural gasses that are located in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

Even More Econemy

The type of agriculture in our area is, mostly commercial agriculture. Some of the major crops that are grown in this area are corn, soybeans,cattle and wheat. Some of the animals that live in this area are cattle and hogs. This area also produces dairy and nursery products.
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Last Bit Of Economy

In this region, the land forms effect how people live in this area because, the land there is mainly flat. So there are lots of farms in this region. Many farms in this region raise cattle for dairy and different cops for food and money. But the land here is really only flat. So if you like farming and flat land, this is the place for you!

Tourist Attraction

My tourist attraction is Voyageurs National Park. Voyageurs national park is located in the northern park of Minnesota. This park attracts 177,184 people a year. But just because it isn't visited by many people doesn't mean that it isn't a good place to visit. Look at this picture. Isn't it cool?
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Last bit of tourist attraction

Voyageurs national park is interesting to visit and people like to go to this park because, for instance, there you could camp at the park. You could go fishing and hiking, boating and jet skiing, you could see the fur trade, see the rainy lake gold rush and you could see the rest of the lake sites. Finally they could learn to, wind surf, jet ski or really anything else that you want you can do on water. You can really only learn this if you live in the region. You could also see the sites if you go there. But this tourist attraction is only located in this region. So you'll have to at least visit to see this wonderful park.
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