By:Jacquelyn Warmbrod

Slovenia Backgorund

Slovenia is a little small country in Europe and is in Austria.It has a very high population with many resources.It has other countries surrounding Slovenia and it is also in a very good spot.

Country Basics and geography



Flag-Slovenias flag was adopted on 6-24-91.Red,white and blue are the pan-slavic colors but also a little bage the symbolis the Duty of Celja arms.

The continent it is on is Europe and countries that surround it is Austria,Creatia,Hungray and Italy.

Some major landforms are Mountain Ranges,river,and valleys with green forest.

There are only two major landmarks in Slovenia, one is Ljubjana and the other one is Maribor.

Government and Economy

Slovenia has a republic government and the president is Borut Pahor.

They are chosen every 5 years and they have to respect the laws.

They can't be in any trouble and they can't be in jail.

Slovenia is a rich nation because they have big buildings and every nice big houses.Also they own every expience chothing.

In slovenia there money is called 20 euros.

There main imports are natural gases,oil,coal, and mining.

Slovenias' birth rate is 8.42 births,drinking water sources are urban and rural, and life expectancy is 78.01.

Culture and Climate

People in Slovenia wear traditional clothing,they will wear dresses and nice pants with a nice shirt.

Most spoken language are slovenian with a 91.1%.

They have a lot of the same holidays we have in america and they are the major holidays.

There major beliefs are Roman Catholic and Roman and they are mostly about there believe in god.

Slovenia has many dishes butt one of them are deep-fried potatoes.It contains 2 large potatoes,vegetable oil and salt with pepper.

Mid in the summer and snowy in the winter.

It's about 70% of rainfall.

68 in the summer and 32 in the winter

In feb. it is the driest month so they work have to like cut off and they were kinda poor when this happened.It was hard for them to live because they couldn't grow crops and also couldn't get the resource they need.


They were in world war 1,2, and 3.The government wasn't getting along to will so they went to war.Once after they got there own little country and a nice flag.They were coming all together after and they became a very good country.

Compare and Contrast

There religion is Catholic and in the usa we have both so we can we can have people who believe in god and people who don't.There government is parliamentray and in the usa we are limited.Both of our housing is really nice and costed a lot.Both of our clothing are sometimes hand made.

Compare and Contrast 2

We have a lot of the same holidays.In america we use stocking and presents and in Slovenia they just have presents.Americas know food is cheese and Slovenia food is know for deep-fried.We both have a every snowy winter.Our government we have to still follow the laws and rules.We can elect a president every 4 years and in slovenia they can elect a president every 5 years.In america we have a lot of beaches and really cool places to visit and in slovenia they have some beaches and some cool places.America and Slovenia are both every pretty places to visit.