Take Away Homework

Year 4 Tribal Tales

Main Course (weeks 3 and 4)

Prehistoric Adventures (synthesis and write)

Week 3
Write your own prehistoric adventure story. Will you set it in the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age? Make sure your story reflects the time that it is set by including details from that time in prehistory. Heres a great website packed full of information to get you started:


Week 4

Proof read your story with an adult and correct as many spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes as you can find. Use a dictionary to help. Find ways that your story can be improved. Think about sentence starters, fronted adverbial phrases, embedded clauses, conjunctions, vocabulary and using a range of punctuation. Present your story in neat handwriting, typed or as a reading that you have recorded.

Crops (knowledge, research and listing)

Week 3

Iron Age people were the first people to start farming crops such as speltwheat, barley, rye and oats. Go to your local shops with an adult to see if you can find any of these foods. Take some pictures of them and print them out or send them to the school email address. Use your internet research skills to find out where these crops are grown now.

Week 4

Use your findings from last week to list your findings in a table. Think carefully about the information you will choose to put in your table and how you will present it.

Photo Montage (research and present)

Week 3

There are prehistoric monuments all over the UK. Use an safe online image search engine (see below) to find some photos of prehistoric monuments in the UK. Find out as many facts as you can about the monuments you have chosen.


Week 4

Make a photo montage from the photos you found last week. Either print them off and cut them out tor use software such as microsoft word or publisher to make your montage.