JK Newsletter

April 17, 2016

Hand dominance

When is hand dominance determined? Hand dominance is determined in utero, before children are born. It is our responsibility to give a child plenty of opportunities to discover which hand is his/her dominant hand.

Predominant and proficient use of one hand over the other for handwriting, using scissors, and performing other activities in daily life usually emerges between 4 ½ and 6 years of age.

Presenting toys and tools at the midline (belly button and desktop levels) allows a child to use the preferred hand to grasp and manipulate the object spontaneously, which reinforces hand dominance acquisition. So, the next time you offer your child a writing implement, scissors, or an eating utensil, offer it at midline and see which hand he or she uses to reach for the object.

We must encourage a child's use of hands in play and daily activities where two hands are performing different jobs in order to develop hand dominance. Observing the emergence of hand dominance or any other aspect of child development is a gift to the teacher or parent. So, don’t worry when a young child is switching hands when coloring – instead, realize that you are most likely watching that child’s brain working through his/her hands to determine hand dominance for a lifetime.

The Week of the Young Child

Monday, April 11th, 8:15am to Friday, April 15th, 2:30pm

13775 Spicers Mill Road

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We had a great time celebrating the week of the young child at school. I hope your child shared with you some of our classroom fun.