From Cocoa to Chocolate

By: Angie Camp 3AS


Do you ever wonder where that scrumptious chocolate thats on your desert comes from ? Chocolate makes an interesting journey to your table .


Before chocolate starts its journey to the store it begins with a cocoa tree . Cocoa trees have cocoa pods . Farmers cut the cocoa pods off the the cocoa trees carefully . Once the cocoa pods are off the tree the farmers cut open the cocoa pods . Inside the cocoa pods are seeds . The seeds will be covered by banana leafs by farmers to put more flavor in the seeds . Once the seeds are dried and flavored they will be drove to the factory by trucks .


When the trucks arive to the factory men carry bags to a machine that will crush the seeds out of their shells . Then the rest of the seeds will be rolled on heavy rollers that will turn it to a liquid that is chocolate . When it's all finished and turned into liquid chocolate it would be in a room that is cold . Then the chocolate would be hard but easy to bite through. A machine will cut the chocolate into a rectangle . When the machine has cut all the chocolate into rectangles it will be drove by trucks to the store .


When the trucks arrive to the store people that work at the store will put the chocolate in there places . Sometimes people ask them selfs "why do we buy chocolate and why do we eat it ." Well we now the answer of that ! The answer is that we buy chocolate because we like to eat it and it's a type of candy . Now to the next answer is people like to eat chocolate because it is sweet and scrunches .

Fun Facts

Now I'm going to tell you some fun facts about chocolate . First, did you know that a coco pod is about a size of a football ? Second, did you that long ago people used coco beans as coins ? Third, did you now that people kept a secret about chocolate ?


Now that you know how chocolate is made get out there and eat some chocolate !
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