September meeting

Presented topics

We received an overview of the Garland ISD Strategic Plan, which consists of 7 main goals. This document can be accessed in the following link for detail specifications. The video linked at the bottom provides with a short summary of goals.

A motion for a waiver was presented and approved by the members. This waiver allows students who failed STAAR second and third administrations promote to the next grade level. The students get an individualized plan of accelerated and intense instruction (SSI) Teachers are to document the process of this instruction. This proposed waiver will be presented to the board on the first week of October.


Members of the community expressed their concerns about involvement. Questions about the new assessments were addresses. The district wants to have better indicators of student achievement and less time spent on assessments, which affects instruction.


Please let us know what topics you would like to know more about. We will submit those topics and hopefully get answers for you.

Your DEIC representatives,

Luz & Sherri