7/8 Grade Library

December 8, 2014

Weekly Library Schedule

Monday: Murphy for books/Cannon 5th Block

Tuesday: Flex during 2nd Block

Wednesday: Christmas Feast

Thursday: Administrative booking 7:00-7:45; Spelling Bee Reception 9:00-10:30

Friday: PTO Luncheon

**Please note that due to this week's schedule, the library will NOT be open for Zero Block.**

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The instructional opportunities are limitless! We can now Air Play from any Apple device. One of these two devices is to remain stationary in the library and one is to be mobile to different classrooms. The following link contains useful information about all of your Apple products. Scroll all the way down the page for the possibilities of the Apple TV within a classroom. See me to enhance your lessons with this new and exciting device.

Merry Christmas with bountiful resources for all! You know what to do if you see anything that you would like to use for your instruction.

Get to know the 7/8 grade Symbaloo that is located on my website! I have resources & databases available for every discipline.