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TGIF News for EB

Friendly Friday

Thank you to Team Sally for hosting today's Friendly Friday! Please join friends and colleagues in the Media Center starting at 8:10 AM.

This Friday's Friendly Friends hosting include:

Laurie Rondestvedt, Kristina Lowe, Nancy Mikulak, Lydia Skadberg, Kirstin Moldan, Kristen Hayashi, Nathan Burdick, Rose Skavnak, Jamie Caroon, Haley Gunuru, Tim Johnson, Katie Farley, Colleen Cook, Leah Switzer, Amanda LeFevre

Who's OUT Today?

Amy Daun, Grade 1 Teacher
  • Guest Teacher - UNFILLED
Dani Nobbs, Grade 3 Teacher - OUT at 1:45 PM
  • Guest Teacher - UNFILLED
Krista Allison, Grade 4 Teacher
  • Guest Teacher - UNFILLED
Micki Mandell-Paulson, Social Worker

Joanne Matheson, Receptionist

Shanica Jones, Recess Aide

Scott Ludwig, Special Education Assistant

Shannon Karkula, Literacy Coach

Tracy Philstrom, Q Comp Instructional Coach

The following staff are OUT all day attending the Minnesota English Learner Conference.

There will be no EL services today for the following EL Teachers:

Marie Barnett, English Language Teacher

Mattana Bohne, English Language Teacher

Julie Fetch, English Language Teacher

Carrie Holliday, English Language Teacher

Yoon Kee Tan, English Language Teacher

Grade 5 Breakfast Starts Upstairs Today!

What's Happening?

8:10-8:30 AM

Friendly Friday

Media Center

9:15-10:00 AM

Kindergarten Community Helpers

9:30-10:30 AM

Special Education & Admin Weekly Team Meeting

Callie's Office

10:30-11:30 AM

Principal Team Weekly Meeting

Callie's Office

It sure is!

Please make sure to also submit all time, leave requests, and corrections today.

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Challenge: Specialists on carts, guest teachers, colleagues filling in for unfilled vacancies, and non-classroom teachers teaching after school need access to classroom projectors and sound systems.

Solution: If a specialist on a cart arrives in your classroom, please ask them if they need a projector and help them by turning it on before you leave / tune out. Also, by Monday, October 24th (if you have a classroom) please take a few minutes to tape a note with directions to your classroom wall near your light switch. This note should include the following information:

  1. Location of cords for audio and visual.
  2. Location of remotes and correct buttons to push to turn on projector and the Apple TV.
  3. How to operate your classroom audio system if you are lucky enough to have a miked sound system that works.
  4. Any "tricks" that will help other educators use these tools!
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Twinning Again

Mr. Drake spied his mini me twin yesterday looking fine in Dig Pink! Do you have a twin today? If you find your doppelganger, please take a selfie to share.
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