what you need to know. by: Seth Quinn

Name and capital

name- Columbia

Capital- bogota

signifigance of flag

Gold- Gold on the land.

Blue- The seas along the shore

Red- The blood spilled for Columbian independence

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48.23 million people live in Columbia.


Columbia has a democracy. And there leader is Juan Manual Santos.

Currancy, Exchange rate

1 (usd) = 2,691.57 (cop)

US dollar Columbian peso

Cultural activites

ART- it ranges from Spanish Baroque to Quimbaya gold craftwork.

MUSIC- played by a "Tiple" or a 12 string guitar.

Holidays/festivals- Carnival and epiphany are the main ones.

sports- Their main sport is soccer.



  • white rice
  • red beans
  • ground beef
  • plantain
  • chorizo
  • chicharron
  • arepa
  • fried egg
  • ajiaco
  • avacado
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Tourist attractions

1.) Gold Museum

I would go becaused of the amount of gold and because there's history in it.

2.) Laguana de Guatavita

I would go here because it's really cool and you are close to the andes mountains

3.) Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

I would go here because it's really cool and interesting to all ages.

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