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We all know that regular physical activity is essential to a healthy lifestyle, whether one is overweight or not. There's no doubt, kids aren't getting enough physical activity throughout the day. The 30 minutes they do actually spend in gym class is barely enough to counter-act the long day of sitting through hours of brain work. Without being involved in an after school sports program, the potential of middle school and high school kids getting adequate exercise is practically disturbing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children and teens should be "physically active for at least 60 minutes per day." In today's society, regular exercise is essential for kids. It has been shown to help them build strong self-esteem, sleep better, have more energy, decrease anxiety, and decrease depression. And as most people know, along with a healthy diet, regular exercise is the best way to lose weight and prevent childhood obesity.

The Department of Health says this about physical inactivity:

"What are the consequences of physical inactivity for cardiovascular disease (CVD)?

Regular physical activity reduces the risk of dying prematurely from CVD. It also helps prevent the development of diabetes, helps maintain weight loss, and reduces hypertension, which are all independent risk factors for CVD. Less active, less fit persons have a 30-50 percent greater risk of developing high blood pressure. Physical inactivity is a significant risk factor for CVD itself. It ranks similarly to cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol. One reason it has such a large affect on mortality is because of its prevalence. Twice as many adults in the United States are physically inactive than smoke cigarettes. Regular physical activity has been shown to help protect against first cardiac episode, help patients' recovery from coronary surgeries, and will reduce the risk of recurrent cardiac events."

Although some of these problems may arise later in life, it is so important for kids to have a strong foundation of physical fitness to help form a healthy habit at a young age.

Let's face it, putting an emphasis on healthy habits like proper exercise is not just a great way to keep our youth fit, it also keeps them out of trouble. Giving these kids a fun and beneficial place to come to after school gives them the confidence and willingness to be good to themselves and others, and here at Primal Athletics, we are thrilled to be a safe place for kids to come to be better!