Caritas Australia

End poverty. Promote justice. Uphold dignity.


Caritas Australia is a non-profitable charity organisation that is helping in over 200 countries and territories all across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia, the Pacific and the Middle East. Caritas engage in several global issues which creates a huge difference to those who are currently suffering poverty.


The first ever Caritas was founded in Germany, 1897 and the man behind all this magic is Lorenz Werthman. The word 'Caritas' comes from a latin word meaning love and compassion has become one of the world's largest charity organisations.

In 1924, 60 representatives in 22 countries created a conference known as the Caritas Catholica in Lucerne. From that day, which is unknown, the representatives meet together every 2 years until the sudden occurrence of the second World War. Meetings were no longer held until in 1947, where activities began to run on the same regular basis of every 2 years.

It was then until in 1950, Pope Paul VI, Giovanni Battista Montini, commenced preparing foundations for an international network. In 1954, Caritas Internationalis was officially recognised.

Africa Visions

"Man is truly human only...if he is the architect of his own progress"

Pope Paul VI

This year, Caritas Australia will be celebrating it's 50year anniversary and will be aiding Africa in their infamous poverty and food shortage.

Malawi and Tanzania are two of the world’s poorest countries that are both in Africa. In Tanzania 30.778 million people, which is 68% of the population, live in significant poverty , whereas Malawi is even poorer at 75%.

In Malawi and Tanzania, countless communities suffer extreme food shortages, lack of economic growth and malnourishment therefore resulting in the bad quality of land, vulnerability to natural disasters and market price fluctuations. Malawi and Tanzania residents also struggle with the tiny amount of household water supply.

Project Compassion

See what can happen when you donate to Caritas -

$5 - can supply farmers a tray of seedlings so that they a more bugger variety of crops on their farm in FIJI.

$20 - can supply a 105 litre container of fresh water to a family of seven in NIGER.

$75 - can supply ingredients to approximately 8 mums to make a healthy family meal in AUSTRALIA.

$95 - can provide training for two Relay Workers, to reach out to various communities and prevent malnutrition in NIGER.

$100 - can supply vegetable seeds to 15 female farmers to grow food in NIGER.

$210 - can supply farmers 120acres worth of poultry manure to fertilise crops in FIJI.

$300 - can supply a training course for 5 days for 10-15 people, so they can learn to catch and sell fish in NEPAL.

$400 - can give access to Farmer Field School, so a farmer can practise farming and learn new skills in NEPAL.

$930 - can supply two adult cows for a farmer, so he or his family can make a firm income in INDONESIA

$2000 - can supply a Food Training course for volunteers, so they can help at a Centacare Food Bank in AUSTRALIA.

One's invdividual choice can make a difference so donate now at -