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with Hornet Library -- April 2, 2018

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How safe is your password?

The problem with a really good password is that is it lengthy (at least 14 characters) making it difficult to remember. This is a good thing when trying to prevent hacking, not so great when you have one last "attempt" before you are locked out of what you are trying to get into!

Password Managers are a great resource for managing multitudes of highly elaborate passwords. A Password Manager will require you to remember one complex password to gain access the rest of your passwords. Listed below are few that are worthy of a look. Some will work on multiple devices and even with multiple users (couples sharing access to certain accounts). While most will come with monthly or yearly subscription costs, some will offer free limited features.


Sticky Password

Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault

Password Boss


True Key

Survival Tips for New (and not so new) Teachers

"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn." ~ Hal Borland

Try Something New

InsertLearning.com is a Chrome Extension that will easily allow you to turn any webpage into an interactive lesson. Add video links, discussion questions, sticky notes, highlight text and even share with students and other teachers. The Public Library feature allows you to search grade level and subject for lessons already created by other teachers.
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Starbucks, Anyone?

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence displayed by machines. AutoDraw using AI to help you create the drawing on "paper" that you see so perfectly in your head. Using shapes and sizes from what you are drawing, it offers up options for you to choose from until you see the picture you identify as your drawing. For this challenge, share your creation with me by tweeting to @HornetLibrary with your picture (select the share option in AutoDraw when you are done). As always, submissions must be made by Sunday evening for entry into the drawing.
Reservations for Technology

All reservations for Lab, ChromeBook Carts/Tubs, iPads and VR Equipment can be found here.


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