Come to Kansas City!

Where fun, happens!

Come to Kansas City,

Your family will love going to Kansas City. We are one of the top tourist destinations in america for being the BBQ hot spot, being the home of worlds/oceans of fun, having fine (and fun) dining, and absolutely amazing sports!
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Amusement Parks!

In Kansas City, there's lots of amusement to go around. You can go to Worlds of Fun, Oceans of Fun, the Legoland Discovery Center, and the Kansas City Zoo.

Fun Dining!

There are many nice, family friendly restaurants in Kansas City such as The T-Rex Cafe, Fritz's Railroad Restaurant and last but not least, The Crayola Cafe!

Amazing Sports!

Here, in Kansas City, there are plenty of sports to watch. You can go see a soccer game, watch the Kansas City Royals or even watch some Nascar in Kansas City's very own Kansas Speedway!

So come to Kansas City!

Where fun, happens (Especially when you have Amusement Parks, Fun Dining and Amazing Sports)!

Made By: Nathan Shannon and Hank Keaton