Sports Nutritionist

Connor Sims

Description of Profession

Usually works one-on-one with the athlete and consults them on everything they do from their eating habits, to their training schedule, to even their medications and supplements they take.


Must have a license and participated in supervised training through an internship.

Where would I work?

They work anywhere from hospitals to nursing homes, cafeterias, some even do their own practice.


Must have at least a bachelors degree, possibly in a health related career.


Average $55,240 per year
Beginning $26.56 per hour

What skills are necessary to be successful

Not really any specific goals but, must be a hard worker, committed to their employees, and their job.

Nature of Job

Nutritionists advise people what to do and eat to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Fun facts

The job is increasing 21% from 2012 to 2022. The predicted employment change is 14,200.

Sports Nutritionist

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