Gentle Wind Riders

Kara DellaRocco

"These amazing new animals"

Horses are indeed one of the most loved animals in America. They have their certain things that separate them from other animals like cows, bulls, and other mammals, like their hooves, loyalty, and of course how sweet and gentle they are!
Mr. Ed theme song w/ lyrics

The Mr. Ed Theme Song!

Here, I decided to display the 'Mr. Ed theme song' for my project. The reason why I think it connects so well to my information, is because it's not only a T.V. series about a talking horse, but it also matches the whole 'country and western' theme in a way, because of where Mr. Ed is and the setting backround of the episodes.

The Rodeo!

Thursday, Feb. 20th, 10am

It's time for the RODEO to come to town! Rodeo is a competitive sport which first started in Spain, Mexico, and later the United States, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand. In this exciting show, which takes place in the spring or summer, talented people perform many amazing things like saddle bronco riding, bareback bronco riding, bull riding, barrel racing, and much more!

Lacey Jamieson- An Inspirational Horseback rider leaves her memories for others

I am Lacey Jamieson. This is my story. I've been an equestrian for 10 years. I always knew to follow what was in your best interest and to not care what anyone else thinks. Referring to myself as a horse-lover would be an understatement. I loved horses for many years, and like I said, I've been riding them for actually 10 years. I enjoyed sharing my love for horses around social media, such as Instagram. I posted daily photo and video updates on riding and playing with my horses as well as speaking out against bullying. When I died suddenly on a Sunday in October of a rare blood disease at age 16, Breyer Model Horses presented Diana and Douglas Jamieson, my parents, a model of Forrest, my horse. This way, I can be remembered, and stay an inspiration to many young riders.