Daniel's Story

By: Carol Matas

"Slowly all our nights were taken away until we were nothing but bodies being shipped out"-Daniel

"Oh God help us, what is happening"?- Auntie Leah

World War II: Crash Course World History #38

"I feel the need to look at my pictures, pictures of my life, perhaps they can help me understand how I came to be on this train, who I am, and what has happened"- Daniel

The setting of this story was in Germany during World War II (1930s-1940s)

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The external conflict was person vs person (Jews vs Nazis)

The internal conflict with himself was the thought of suicide

Holocaust Survivors Tell the Stories of Their Childhood

The theme of the story is to cherish and care for the things you have while you still have it.

Crematoria- a crematory

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Pogrom- an organized massacre, especially of Jews.

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Ghetto- a section of a city in which all Jews were required to live.

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If you liked this book you should read "In My Enemy's House" or "After the War" by Carol Matas

A significant event that happened was Kristallnacht, or otherwise known as the night of broken glass.

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Daniel's pictures meant the world to him because they were his memories that he could never re-live. (Above)

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Above, I imagine this as Hans, Daniel's old best friend when they were younger.

"Why should I write sad pieces, we're sad enough already"- Daniel

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Above is similar to what i had imagined Rosa, Daniel's girlfriend/ fiance, that he met in a secret youth group in the ghetto.

"But someday everything was wrong, upside down. It seemed more normal to die than to live" - Daniel