Jamaica is a beautiful island, that is full of resorts and friendly locals with great food

Tourism! You should visit Jamaica!

Background information

~capital is Kingston

~major cities are negrill, madeville, ochos, and rio partan


It used to be controlled by Spain and England, they gained independence on August 6,1962

It is no longer controlled by a country. Another fact is that the official language is English

So it won't be hard to communicate, the flag is green black and yellow so you shouldn't miss it.

Geographical information

~ it is located in the Caribbean sea

~some physical features are its surrounded by the Caribbean sea and some others are blue mountain and the black river.

Political information

There type of government is a constitutional democracy, and the prime minister is Simpson Miller

Economic information

The currency is the Jamaican dollar

There economic system is cappitilism

Tourist information

Because of the warm climate, white sand beaches, and its famous for reggae.

When you are there you should relax at the beach while listening to the oceans music (reggae)