Maple Room

First Two Weeks 9.6 - 9.16

Visiting a Maple Tree Together

To conclude our first full week together, we traveled to Fort Green Park. While there we met an old sugar maple. Each week we hope to have this shared experience as a class. Throughout the seasons and our time together we'll see the tree develop and change in concert with ourselves.
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Work Time

Getting to Know Classroom Tools and Materials

Learning to purposefully care for and use a variety of classroom materials is crucial. It is precisely why we choose to devote so much of our early shared classroom time to it. Through a process of guided discovery, children have used crayons, colored pencils, tree blocks, pencils, wooden cubes, and clay to create pieces of art, structures, and signage.

We hope that you enjoy these initial photos of the children of the Maple class exploring classroom materials.

To learn more about the process of guided discovery, please feel free to follow the link below.

A Daily Shared Experience: Snack

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Each day we set up snack. Teachers carefully prepared each plate. Soon children will be taking on this role. We wait patiently for everyone to be seated. We sing in thanks for our the beings, vegetables and minerals that have made our food possible and then we indulge like ravenous monsters returning from the hunt.

Early Days of Reading Workshop

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We start each day with a communal reading time. During this roughly ten minute block, children curl up with one another to safely and comfortably explore a variety of text. Some children chose to leaf through familiar classroom books, while others have decided to bring in bus maps or informational texts from home to share with their classmates.

We are engaging in shared reading experiences across our day, starting with the choral reading of our morning message.

Through the rereading of classroom texts, we are continually working to see and notice more in the pictures, illustrations and words of our books. While rereading Beekle this week, a tale of an un-imaginary friend in search of a child with the uninterrupted freedom of imagination, our little Maples wondered how people living in different lands could learn to communicate, discussed the meaning of the vibrants colors present in wondrous imagery, and put their own words to unfamiliar and familiar pages alike.

Ask Me About...

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