Naked Neck


Usually chickens are kept around the farm or in the backyard as pets. Chickens can adapt well to any surrounding habitat. Naked Necks are especially easy to put into a new habitat because they adapt quicker, they can survive hash cold winters and brutal got summers. Chickens can basically adapt to any environment with no problem.


Naked Necks can be found in red, buff, white, blue, black and cuckoo varieties.


All naked necks have a very distinguished trait, a naked neck. They don't just have a naked neck they have 40% less feathers than any other breed of chicken. Naked Necks also have a small tuft of feathers on the front of thei neck called the bow tie. Other than that they don't have any specific traits. As for behavior, Naked Necks don't have any specific calls and they don't act differently than any other breed of chicken.


Naked Necks and chickens ingeneral don't have many things they need to adapt to since they are usually being kept by people, they have a stable environment and they get fed regularly so they don't have to adapt rapidly to anything.