someone to love me

anne schraff

Book Review by Kaitlin Massey

Its freshman year, and already Cidney is over the idea of school. She sees no point in going to school anymore. Her mom doesn't care if she goes anyways. All her mom cares about is her new boyfriend. The only thing Cidney has is her two cats and her friend, Amberlynn. This all changes one day when Amberlynn convinces Cidney to go back to school. Amberlynn and Cidney are very close; Amberlynn tries to get Cidney to make good decisions. Cidney goes to school and meets Bobby, who is a football player. Cidney has heard that Bobby has beat up one of her friends. Bobby swears that he was on drugs when he hit Cidney's friend and that he wouldn't do that to her. But, out of nowhere, this all changes.

Although I cant relate to the characters in this book, I can only image what Cidney is going trough. I have not done anything that these characters have done. Yes, I would recommend this book to who ever likes modern literature. If you like reading about drama, or high school life, this is the book for you. If you like reading about city life and violent activity, I would strongly recommend that you read this book.