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Happy May 2020

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It is hard to believe how quickly the 2019-20 school year has passed and has come to a close already. It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming our students back.

The end of the school year, this year particularly, always brings some mixed emotions. It has been a year full of learning, growing, and sharing. In light of these difficult times, which have changed every aspect of our daily lives, there is a lot of good that has grown from this. We would like to thank you for your trust and commitment to the Chinese Academy of Cleveland (CAOC). We realize the sacrifice each of you makes to send your child/children and yourself to CAOC.

Our teachers, as well as our staff, commit their time and energy toward creating a nurturing environment in which children can learn. Making CAoC an engaging and friendly learning environment has been one of our missions. We hope you have seen the progress we made and your feedback is always welcome!

In closing, we would like to congratulate all of the students of the CAOC. Congratulations to our graduates! CAOC is proud of all students, families, and friends!

Have a happy, safe, and fun summer. Please continue to practice the repeated health and safety recommendations – Stay home, wash your hands, and practice social distancing.

Miss everyone's smiling faces

Due to pandemic school closures, we did not get a chance to take group/class pictures this year. Not every student is pictured, including students in adult classes, but we miss everyone!

Remote learning

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Academic contest

happy memories

shout out to the graduates and the students on reaching a milestone!

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我剛開始學中文的時候,知道的很少,二十五個字只認識三個。自從Ruby 老師開始教我中文後,我進步了很多。我真的很感謝Ruby 老師從五到七年級用心的教導我。我在那三年發展得最多。我以前都不想寫功課,可是Ruby 老師教我的時候,我都會寫。雖然老師很嚴格,每一個禮拜都要我寫作文,但是她也對我很好,教會我很多。謝謝Ruby 老師,讓我的中文達到一個很好的程度。



Fifth Graders



Thank you for all your support!


Principal: YuWei Cheng

Vice Principal: KC Liao

Academic Affairs: Yafen Wang & Piwen Ku

Parent Teacher Organization: Sharon Lin and KC Liao

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