Zen Heater Review - Is It Worth it

Does Zen Heater Really Work? Read our Unbiased Review

During the cold season, compact space heaters are indispensable devices for anyone who wants to stay perfectly warm and comfortable in any room of the house, even if you have central heating. These versatile heaters are also ideal if you want to reduce your energy bills, because most of them are 100% energy efficient. Zen Heater is a revolutionary electric space heater that instantly heats up any indoor space, but is it really an energy-efficient, money-saving heating solution for your home or office? Read on to find out all the details you need to know about Zen Heater so you can make an informed decision.

What Is Zen Heater?

Designed by experts in the field of heating, Zen Heater is an innovative room heater that can be used independently to heat up the room you're staying in, as a money-saving option or in conjunction with central heating, especially if small children, seniors or people with mobility issues live in your home (e.g. if you need to warm up the bathroom or their bedroom before bedtime). Zen Heater's portable, compact and sleek design combined with its built-in safety features and 100% efficiency make it the perfect heating source during the cold season. It can be set to any temperature between 60 and 90 degrees F.

Despite its small size, this electric room heater provides 350 Watts of heating power. It is not only safe, but also very quiet, easy and convenient to use -- all you have to do is plug in the heater, no wires required. Zen Heater can be placed in different areas of your home to achieve excellent coverage that costs you just pennies a day. It can also be used as a supplementary yet low-cost source of heat which is advised when there are family members with special needs in your household. The manufacturer stands behind Zen Heater with a full 60-day money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

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Why Do I Need Zen Heater?

Staying warm and cozy when the temperature outside is not a luxury, but a necessity. Budget-minded homeowners are now given the opportunity to significantly lower their energy bills and heat their rooms at a fraction of the cost. Zen Heater will heat up any room, garage, or office within seconds. Even better, this source of heat covers up to 250 square feet of space, so you and your loved ones can stay warm and cozy during the cold months.

Zen Heater incorporates advanced features, an on/off timer and adjustable thermostat, so you can easily select the desired temperature using the LED display and the "+/-" within the control panel at the top, which stays cool to the touch. According to the UK Centre for Sustainable Energy, heaters that have thermostat controls are much cheaper to run. Zen Heater is thus a fully efficient and cost-effective solution that allows you to heat up your rooms, guest room or office, while reducing your overall heating costs during winter.

Zen Heater Main Features and Benefits

  • Zen Heater instantly heats up to 250 square feet of space, providing 350 Watts of heating power, while drastically reducing your electricity bills
  • Practical, lightweight, portable or fitted to a wall, this compact electric heater only takes a little bit of space, and makes no noise whatsoever
  • Zen Heater is 100% efficient, as it turns all the energy it uses into heat and incorporates an automatic shut off function that prevents over-heating
  • Multi-functional and versatile, it can be used in your bedroom, bathroom, and any other room of your home, and is also great for the office and travel
  • Thanks to its modern, sleek design, it adds a contemporary style to your room and can be set to any temperature ranging from 60 to 90 degrees F
  • Extremely safe for anyone in your family, even your little ones, as it incorporates overheat and tip-over protection, and is cool to the touch while working

Zen Heater Rating and Recommendation

Our editors agreed to test Zen Heater in different rooms of their home as well as the office. Its compact and stylish design was a plus, because Zen Heater doesn't take too much space and makes a great addition to any room. Our colleagues were pleasantly surprised to see that despite its small size, Zen Heater really worked, as it did heat up their spaces rapidly and efficiently, by enabling the heat to circulate evenly around the indoor space.

We thus recommend Zen Heater to anyone who is looking for an energy-efficient, money-saving heater that will significantly reduce their heating bills, while working at optimal parameters in any room of your home or office, at any time. It also allows you to control the temperature by simply adjusting the thermostat located a the top of the heater. The fire-retardant materials used for the construction of this heater and auto shut-off function provide improved safety for your peace of mind.

Zen Heater Reviews

Despite being relatively new to the market, Zen Heater has plenty of rave reviews online. Customers love the convenience this small yet powerful heater provides them with particularly in the morning, when they need to warm up their bathroom, during the cold season. The fact that it incorporates an adjustable thermostat makes it the best energy-efficient solution, as they can adjust the temperature to the level they desire at the touch of a button.

They also say that compared to typical space heaters that provide even 1500 Watts of heating power, this one is a lot cheaper to run and it provides sufficient power to quickly heat up the room that they want. Additionally, they say it's very safe around small children and pets.

Where Can I Purchase Zen Heater?

If you want a compact, portable and safe space heater boasting multi-functionality, regardless of the country you live in, you can order Zen Heater directly and securely from the manufacturer's official website. For a limited time only, customers can benefit from a whopping 55% discount when selecting the best-selling package "Buy 3, Get 2 Free", plus free shipping, and 44% discount when choosing the popular package "Buy 2 get 1 free". The manufacturer offers a full 60-day money back guarantee on every order, so if, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can contact their customer support team for a full refund.

Supplier of the Product

This sleek, multi-functional and portable room heater is supplied by Los Angeles, CA and Florida. This company owns and operates the website zenheater.com, If you have any queries or concerns about Zen Heater, do not hesitate to contact their customer service team based out of Los Angeles via email at support@zenheater.com or by phone (877) 210-7911, Monday through Friday, 9 am -5 pm PST.

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