Act Two Summaries

"The Perfect Marriage" Alicia Matusiak

Scene One. Passed up the boys

After the party ends, Romeo can't stop thinking about Juliet, so he ditches Mercutio and Benvolio and heads back to the Capulet house. Mercutio and Benvolio try to find Romeo after the party. They assume that Romeo is going to find Rosaline. Afterwards, they crack a lot of dirty jokes at Romeo's expense. Mercutio is offended that Romeo left them.

Scene Two. Wings of Love

This scene is forever remembered in the history of Shakespeare. Romeo makes his way to Juliet's house and sits behind a bush listening to Juliet fantasize about him. She says that if they marry she will stop being a Capulet. He explains all of his ways of getting to the orchard, were because of love. The nurse calls for Juliet, breaking up their conversation. Juliet says she will send a messenger by nine to her love, Romeo.

Scene Three. Life or Death Decision

During this scene Romeo goes straight from Juliet’s, to meet with Friar Lawrence. Friar is a man that can marry Romeo and his love. Friar soon figures out that Romeo has not had any sleep the previous night. Romeo shares the sweetness of his life to Friar, in other words, he tells him about Juliet. Friar agrees to marry the two hoping the families will forget their hatred for each other.

Scene Four. Dirty Jokes

In the beginning of this scene Mercutio and Benvolio talk about where Romeo is. They assume he was with Roasline, and starts to make dirty jokes about the two of them. They talk about the challenge Tybalt wrote in the note, which was sent to Romeo’s father. Romeo hides the fact he was with Juliet and keeps up the joke about Rosaline. The nurse comes out to be Juliet’s messenger, and is harassed by the boys. Romeo gives the nurse money for her deeds of telling Juliet where to meet, to marry.

Scene Five. Wife's Work.

Juliet is flipping out, due to the fact she sent the nurse three hours ago to receive Romeo’s message. Finally the nurse comes home and stalls the message. Juliet begs more and more for his message and she eventually gets it out of the nurse. She tells Juliet, to meet Romeo at Friar’s Cell and the she will take care of putting the ladder out, leading to Juliet’s balcony. So she can do a wife’s work for that night.

Scene Six. I Do

Friar and Romeo are the first ones to get to the cell. Friar hopes this holy act will be everything but unfortunate for the two, and their families. Romeo agrees with Friar stating, that nothing will destroy his happiness from now on. Juliet enters after their conversation. They say their vows, and all hope this marriage will be perfect.