"What's Your Type"?

By: Timiaya Mackey

Description of ISTPs

  1. Some of them have in sports.
  2. They travel to find new things to learn.
  3. Interesting in how and why thing work.

Common Traits of ISTPs

  1. Open and straight forward in their communication.
  2. Often have many friends and acquaintances.
  3. Feel ill at ease in situations requiring finer people skills.
  4. Find it hard to express themselves.

I think this Does/Does Not Descibe My Personality

Yes, I'm usually interested in talented on extreme sports, interested in how and why things work. I'm quiet and reserved about things . I like to do stuff my own, I'm very friendly with everybody like to talk when i get to know you. I love to travel to places and meet new people and find new things to learn about.