Kindergarten News

Welcome Spring April

Spring is Here!

As spring approaches there are some things that can be helpful for you and your children to know. Down below are helpful things to prepare you and your children for spring.

Getting Ready for the Rain

Spring is Here Song

Allergy Season is Here

What to look out for, to know if your child is sick or just has symptoms of allergies. Seasonal Allergies website will help you be aware of allergies so you are prepared for what is coming. For more information about allergies go to All About Allergies.
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Fork Dandelions

Fork Dandelions is an activity you can do with your children at home the website provided will give you step by step of what your children will need to do. Materials needed include a paper plate, yellow paint, plastic fork, green marker, and a piece of tag board or white construction paper. When doing this activity children will use their fine motor skills which is the use of small muscles such as the wrist and fingers.

Spring Party

Friday, April 15th, 9am

Lebanon, OH, United States

Lebanon, OH

A sign up sheet will be put out the week before if you would like to come and help out. You may also email me to sign up also. All you need is to bring is yourself everything will be provided.

Isabella McIntosh

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.