Estacada HS Virtual School Days

March 6, 2020

A Message to the Class of 2020

Frequently Asked Questions for Virtual School Days

Family FAQ for Virtual Learning at Estacada High School


How is my student’s attendance being recorded?

Attendance is recorded as “present” when your student makes digital communication with a teacher. Digital communication is defined by either:

1) submitting a task electronically for the class period or

2) sending an email about the progress of the task to the teacher for that class period

Attendance is recorded as “absent” when your student does not make digital communication with a teacher on a day that they are scheduled to have class.

Attendance can be changed up to 48 hours after a lesson is delivered to your student.

Please expect your student to do 4 hours of virtual work each day.

What is the schedule for classes for Virtual Education?

Monday and Wednesday

9-10am: 1st Period

10-11am: 2nd Period

11-11:30: Lunch

11:30-12:30: 3rd Period

12:30 - 1:30: 4th Period

1:30pm-3:35pm: Teacher Office Hours (Google Hangouts, Zoom)

Tuesday and Thursday

9-10am: 5th Period

10-11am: 6th Period

11-11:30: Lunch

11:30-12:30pm: 7th Period

12:30-2:30: Teacher Office Hours (Google Hangouts, Zoom)


9:05am School Announcements via Zoom video

What happens if my student cannot access school during the suggested scheduled time?

All lessons can be accessed and finished at a later time. Please send your student’s teachers an email with any class-specific questions.

Class lessons will be available through either Google Classroom or Canvas. Students already have accounts for these two programs and all have been using Canvas during this school year.

If my student has a teacher for more than one class, do they need to contact the teacher more than one time?

Yes, your student must have two-way digital communication for all classes in which your student is scheduled to attend that day.

Are students attending Home Room classes?

No. Students will not be attending Homeroom classes at this time. When we return to “brick-and-mortar” learning, then these options will be present again.

If my child is sick, do I still need to let the school know?

Yes, if your student is sick, please call our attendance secretary, Leann at 503-630-8515 Ext. 2805 and leave a message or email her at Your student will be marked “EA” for Excused Absence and must still complete the work she/he missed.

If your student is absent for more than ten days in a row - your student will be dropped from enrollment.


How do I contact office staff?

Principal: Bill Blevins

Assistant Principal: Jocelyn McInitre

Principal's Secretary: Tami Yeager

Call 503-630-8515 Ext. 2801

Attendance Secretary & School Registrar: Leann Rich

Call 503-630-8515 Ext. 2805

Where do I find staff contact information?

Teachers email

Who can I contact if my student is having trouble with virtual school?

Please contact the following:

Counselors during office hours:

Monday & Wednesday

7:35-10 am

1:30-3:35 pm

Tuesday and Thursday

7:35-9 am

11:30-3:35 pm


7:35 - 9:30 am

12:30 - 3:35 pm

Cindy Babikoff


Zoom @

Google Hangouts.

Steven Christiansen


Zoom @

Google Hangouts.

School Administration

Principal: Bill Blevins

Asst. Principal: Jocelyn McIntire

How can my student access forgotten materials at school?

As of 3/22/20, Estacada High School is closed to all families and you will be unable to receive any forgotten materials. The school will be making a plan for students to pick up any personal belongings.

Is help with homework still available?

Our success coaches will continue to be available for schoolwork help during the following schedule. They will be available through email and Zoom. Just click on their zoom link to make contact with them by video chat. Using Zoom will not require an account of any kind. Just copy the link in a web browser.

Makayla: Zoom Link:


Leticia: Zoom Link:


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday



Tuesday and Thursday



Food Resources

How does my family access the food pantry resources?

Food Pantry items may be picked up from the Estacada Food Bank. Families may choose to make pre orders using the Estacada Food Bank Web Site


Is the work students are completed counting toward their grade?

Yes. All tasks are measured for student learning and your student will continue to be measured and graded on the tasks they are completing.

Your student’s ability to complete these digital tasks will be measured against grade-level standards and your student’s report card will be tied to the work they complete during Virtual School.

Special Education

How is my student being supported if they are receiving Special Education services?

Your student will continue to receive specially designed instruction if receiving special education services. You will continue to have an IEP meeting if pre-scheduled.

Your student’s case manager or a paraeducator will be making contact with you daily or weekly depending up on the impact your student’s disability has on your student’s learning.


Who do I contact about technology issues?

For any technology issues, please send an email to or call (503) 630-6871 x2891

How does my student access the curriculum for each class?

Teachers will be using either Google Classroom or Canvas as the delivery method for lessons/assignments and feedback. When a student logs into their Chromebook, they are automatically logged into Google Classroom and Canvas as well.


What will happen if I signed up my student for spring sports?

While the OSAA has not cancelled the spring 2020 season, it is still suspended through April 28. You can go to for more information.

Class of 2020

How will this school closure affect graduation activities?

As of April 1, we have our graduation ceremony scheduled for Saturday, June 6. However, if our school closure extends we will have to look at alternative ways to celebrate their accomplishments.

Will graduation requirements be changed due to school closure?

Currently, as of April 1, graduation requirements have not changed for the class of 2020. Currently, students must complete the following:

  • 24 credits

  • Essential Skills in Reading, Writing, and Math

  • Senior Portfolio

While there is talk of reducing the number of credits required to graduate, that has not been made official. Students will still need to complete their senior portfolio (on Canvas), and show proficiency in reading, writing, and math. For those students whose state test scores were below proficiency in one of those areas, our teachers and counselors will develop a plan to provide you with opportunities to show proficiency during the spring.

School Year

Will the school year be extended?

There will be no need to extend the current school year as our district was prepared to move to a virtual model of instruction.

Seniors: Last Day - May 29

9th-11th: Last Day - June 11

Looking for Photos for Yearbook

With the closure of in-person classes and sports (at least right now) because of COVID-19, the yearbook class needs your help! We need the following photos, and would really appreciate it if you would send photos of your high school student to the yearbook class:

- Doing online/virtual lessons

- In their spring sports uniforms

- Playing their spring sports (can be photos from previous years - including before high school)

- Doing fun family activities while stuck at home

Please send your photos to - we can't guarantee that all will be used, but we could really use your help to get us as many photos as possible!


Ms. Treanor and the Yearbook Student Journalists

Clackamas Regional Art Show

EHS had five students submit their artwork to the Clackamas Education Service District for the regional art show.

Judging of the submissions will take play in April with the winners announced in late April or Early May.

I encourage you to look at the work of our talented artists:

Shawn Reeves (page 2)

Katie Guthu (page 2)

Makaelyn Jennings (page 2)

Lucy Wainman (page 3)

Lillian Cummings (page 3)

Technology Support

If you require any technical support, please contact our Technology Department who will be available for students, parents, and guardians.


If for some reason you can't email Help Desk, you can call the ITS staff at 503-630-6871

x. 2891 - ITS Helpdesk, Kris

x. 2892 - PowerSchool & Database Admin, Kristy

x. 2893 - Director of Tech, Cyndi

Dual Credit Classes and Advanced Placement

Students who are taking dual credit courses at EHS with the option of earning college credit (known as ACC program), are still eligible to earn those credits through the colleges as long as they complete their high school classes.

Students can currently earn dual credit in math, art, automotive, biology, and engineering.

Advanced Placement students will have the opportunity to take their AP tests at home this year. Testing will take place May 11-22. Teachers will be in contact with their students to provide more information.

Oregon School Lunch Week

April 6-10 was scheduled to be a celebration of the good work that our nutrition services employees do for our students. Because of current social distancing requirements, all activities for this week have been canceled.

However, I would like to take some time to thank all of our employees who continue to work to provide nutritional meals for our students while they are unable to attend school. The work they do is crucial to so many of the kids we serve.

Thank you.

Support Resources

During this time, there may be a need for yourself or your neighbors to access resources. I encourage you to look at and share this list that was compiled and is being updated by Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

Resource for:

Food Access




College Students


Crisis Hotlines





Class of 2020

Graduation Schedule

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Senior Final Exams Day 1

Friday, May 29, 2020

Senior Final Exams Day 2

Last Day for senior students :)

Monday, June 1st - Wednesday, June 3rd

No school for seniors

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

6:30pm - Baccalaureate (Estacada First Baptist Church)

Thursday, June 4, 2020

12:30pm - Mandatory Graduation Practice

Followed by - Microphone check for salutatorian and valedictorian

Friday, June 5, 2020

8:30am - 9:30am Senior Breakfast sponsored by the booster club

9:30am - 10:00am Graduation caps and gowns handed out

10:00am - 11:00am Senior Awards Assembly

11:15am - Graduation walk through district buildings (CRE, CO, EMS, RME)

Saturday, June 6, 2020

6:00pm - Graduates meet in EHS main gym

6:45pm - Graduates depart main gym to stadium

7:00pm - Commencement Ceremony