Jennifer D. Martin

Early Life

Jennifer is still alive today. She began to teach at the School of Art and Design at Georgia State University in 2001 until 2005. Jennifer likes to help others get better at their skills if they are interested in ceramics. She has held sessions to demonstrate some of her techniques. Before she started he job she attended Georgia Southern University and finished there in 1997. She then went onto further her education at Georgia State University.


Jennifer D. Martin's style is not perfectly symmetrical pots, but rather asymmetrical. The style of her pots is also very natural looking. She uses her hands and fingers to make the grooves in her pottery. If she uses tools on her pottery she makes sure the tools give the pottery a similar effect her hands do. "My work often acts as a metaphor for the physical body, and I consider function secondary to fluidity and gesture in the form." Said Jennifer. She lets her pots flow and do what they want and form doesn't matter at first. I like the the plate with the grooves in it and the other bowl with the grooves in it the best. The grooves floor very smooth and flow with the crooked edges. She uses very many different textures. Also when glazing she uses fleshy colors to help make the pottery look like the physical features of the human body.