The Corruption Conqueror

He will strike corruption squarely in the mouth!

Put Your Trust in the Corruption Conqueror

He has experience ending corruption in big business, politics and the infamous New York City Police Department. His Square Deal policies aim to protect the average citizen. There are three parts to his policies, conserving natural resources, controlling corporations and protecting the consumer. His main focus and enemy is the corruption in corporations. The Corruption Conqueror uses his lasso to whip trusts back in line and passes legislation to prevent them from doing it again!

His Arch Enemy: The Trust Echo

The Trust Echo Background

The Trust Echo is a very powerful and evil villain. His aura is hypnosis because he lures congress into avoiding it and not passing laws against his trusts. The term Echo came from his ability to multiply and continue to come back stronger. The dollar sign insignia on The Echo's chest represents his main focus; money. The Trust Echo's companion and partner is a fox because the trust owners and the Echo's accomplices are as sly as foxes. This evil villain is covered in armor because of the difficulty congress has in eliminating all of the Trust Echoes. He carries a cigar in his hand as a representation of the trust owners that work for him, those large men in suits with handlebar mustaches are represented here.

5 Evil Things The Trust Echo Has Done

1. The Trust Echo has raised railroad prices and rates without publishing them.

2. He forced railroad companies to offer rebates even after the Elkins Act.

3. The Echo drove up consumer prices by sponsoring trusts

4. The Trust Echo worked with Standard Oil, U.S. Steel, The American Tobacco Company, and the International Mercantile Marine Company in order to help raise their rates. All of these are on the Trust Most Wanted List and The Trust Echo did assist them in their evil actions.

5. The Echo also assisted in mislabeling food stuffs and drugs, a clear violation of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906.

The Corruption Conqueror's Sidekick: The Trust Terror

Slogan: Ida Best Trust Tearer

The Trust Terror's Work

The Corruption Conqueror's sidekick, The Trust Terror helped defeat the Trust Echo by coming up with a new weapon in 1904 called the History of the Standard Oil Company, this weapon helped expose this evil trust being run by the Trust Echo and assisted the Corruption Conqueror in stamping out trusts for good! She wears an eye insignia on her chest to represent her constant watchful journalism techniques. Armed with a pen in her hand and a newspaper in the other, the Trust Echo better beware!

How The Corruption Conqueror Defeated The Trust Echo

In order to destroy The Trust Echo the Corruption Conqueror disabled the Northern Securities Corporation with his old, but still useful weapon, The Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

He then used the Elkins Act tool in 1903 which prevented rebates in the railroad business. This tool also forced the railroad companies to publish their rates so they couldn't charge innocent citizens without notice.

The Trust Echo then turned to the all powerful weapon, the Hepburn Act in 1906 which allowed the Interstate Commerce Commission to establish a maximum rate. It also prevented railroad companies from giving free passes to people other than employees.

The Corruption Conqueror also crushed corruption across the board, even in the food industry. In 1906 he used the Food and Drug Inspection Act tool to prevent mislabeling of foodstuffs and drugs, squashing out corruption in this area.

He then followed that up in 1906 by using his Meat Inspection Act weapon. This weapon prevented meat from being mislabeled, as well as ensured that meat products were slaughtered under sanitary conditions.


The Corruption Conqueror: Theodore Roosevelt

The Trust Echo: Large Trust Corporations and Owners

The Trust Terror: Ida B. Wells

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