Business Teacher

High School Teacher

High school teachers, also called secondary school teachers, usually work with students from 9th grade and up. Unlike elementary school teachers, they usually specialize in teaching just one or two subjects, like math, English, history, shop, or computers.

High school teachers teach three to six different classes a day, depending on their school’s scheduling system. Class sizes usually range from 15 to 40 students. Despite the large number of students, teachers try to meet the needs of individual students.

Teachers sometimes have to deal with serious problems among students, such as fighting and bullying. They also need to be on the lookout for signs of drug and alcohol problems, abuse, and depression. These things affect students’ attendance and class work, so teachers can be the first adults to notice when a young person is in trouble.

Salary Average: $35,000

Education: Requires a four year degree from a College or University

Attributes and Abilities

  • Passionate about your teaching subject
  • Enjoy teaching teenagers
  • Patient
  • Assertive
  • Communication skills
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  • Employed by public school boards and private schools
  • Work in classrooms, science or computer labs, or machine shops
  • May have to deal with unruly students
  • Often spend evenings and weekends preparing lessons and grading assignments
  • Most work a regular 9 to 10-month school year
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