Career Spotlight


You Want This Job!

Being a neurologist means that you are out there helping people! You would be helping people by comforting and diagnosing people with severe problems that are common as you work to restore the health of your patient's nervous system. Plus, the projected job growth for neurologists is over 21% which only means that buisness is going to continue to expand. On top of all these amazing things is all of the amazing people that hire in this field such as: Harvard Medical School, Kaiser Permanente, and the National Institutes of Health!

"The Work Is Worth It!"

School and Payment

To be a neurologist, you must be pbservant, empathetic, analytical, have good communication skills, and a strong desire to help others. One cool fact that you might not know about being a neurologist is that you have to study foriegn language in highschool! You also have to have four years of pre-medical school, four years of medical school with an MD or DO degree, an one year internship in internal medicene or surgery, and at least three years of specialty training. All of the hard work in school leading up to and being a neurologist is worth it once you recieve your annual salary of $206,000!