Deep Viewing

By: Thomas Bye


The ad that I chose is called "The Force: Volkswagen Commercial". It was shown for the first time during the 2011 Super bowl. It was advertising a brand new car, called the "2012 Passat".

My Commercial:

The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

Ethos, Logos, or Pathos?

This commercial is pathos, because it is using emotions. The commercial is using emotions by showing a dad making his little "Darth Vader" happy, using the auto start to make his kid think that he can use the force.

Plain Folks

This commercial is clearly plain folks to me, because who wouldn't want to make their kid happy?
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-Tries to use the force on an elliptical machine

-Tries to use the force on an dog

-Runs past dad to the car, and refuses hug

-Kid jumps back and is startled by the car starting

-Rapidly looks in-between the dad, and the car


-Darth Vader Suit


-Washing Machine

-Baby doll



-Auto Start Remote


To understand this commercial, you need to have some knowledge of Star Wars. This commercial blends in culture nicely, by showing a little kid dressed up in a Darth Vader costume. Star wars is pretty integrated in our culture, and a lot of little kids are interested in it. In the commercial they show the dad using the remote start, to make his little "Darth Vader" happy, by making him think that he used the force.


-Dramatic Star Wars music (Darth Vader's theme song)

-Dog barks

-Car starts



-Sudden transitions/No transitions

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I interpreted that Volkswagen is trying to get you to buy their car by using pathos, (the dad making his kid happy) and plain folks (What parent wouldn't want to make their kid happy?). A bad interpretation that I got from the commercial was: If you get our car, your kid will refuse to even speak to you, and go running to your car. My last interpretation that I got was: Your kid can't use the force unless you buy our car, and it has auto start.
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(Evalutation and Application)

Things I liked about the commercial:

1. The commercial was compact, and didn't waste 3 minutes of your life to say a 1 minute message.

2. The commercial was funny, and was well written to appeal to multiple types of people.

Things I didn't like about this commercial:

1. There were lots of dark shadows in the beginning.

2. The kid's despair over not being able to use the force seemed exaggerated to me.

If I Was the Director of This Commercial

I would film in a lighter area, and change how the kid shows his despair, so the commercial doesn't seem slightly cheesy and exaggerated.

Different types of people this commercial appeals to:

This advertisement appeals to many different people.

-Plain folk/parents (Who doesn't want to make their kid happy?)

-Kids (It's a funny, and cool commercial)


In conclusion, this commercial is advertising a new car that Volkswagen made, called the "2012 Passat". The main theme in this commercial is: Buy our car, and you can use our auto start to make your little "Darth Vader" happy. The main idea of this commercial however is to get you to buy a new car from them. Thank you for listening to my presentation! :)