Origins of a democratic government

Moving toward Independence

In 1947, Nkrumah returned to the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast was named for its gold , which is one of the country's most important natural resources.

While the Gold Coast had many resources , most of its people were poor. Nkrumah believed that the people should benefit from the wealth of their own country , so he began traveling all over the country to convince the people to de,and independence from Great Britain.

Traditional Government in Ghana

The Akan are the largest ethnic group in Ghana. When the akan give power to a new leader , they also give a warning. The Akans are democratic since the people have control over who rules the.

In 1874 , great Britain made the Gold Coast a colony and tried to control the economy.

The British also built schools in the Gold Coast.


In 1957, Nkrumah gave a moving speech to his people. Great Britain he said , had finally agreed to grant them sovereignty or political independence. Cheering, the people carried Nkrumah through the streets.

Nkrumah became the leader of the new country and later, the president.

Nine years after being carried through the streets as a hero, Nkrumah was thrown out of office by a military coup , or takeover.