Eagle's Eye View

Growing Juntos

Week at a Glance 2-15-16 to 2-19-16 (Black History Month)

ZIS Vision: One Child, Two Languages - Unlimited Possibilities

ZIS Mission: We will provide and assist each student with a well-rounded and differentiated education that is centered around the immersion of the Spanish language and cultures to prepare them for a global society.

Instructional Focus: The SIOP Model in ALL classrooms. Please, por favor, PLEASE review, use, and reflect upon the components of SIOP and continue conversations within your grade level meetings during your common planning times. I believe in the use of this model and want to implement it with fidelity as we grow our eagles into bilingual and biliterate citizens.

Lunes - LOD is Spanish

  • No school
  • Please, promote our LOD. Gracias

Martes - LOD is English

  • WIDA ACCESS 2.0 continue
  • Rubrics for the exchange program are due to day (You know if this applies you or not)
  • SHORT SHORT SHORT meeting right after school in the library ONLY IF you can attend. I want your input about meetings, plus let you all know what I would like to see happening. I think we could get more accomplished and go deeper into our conversations. :-)
  • Zumba from 4:45-5:45
  • Please, promote our LOD. Thank you.

Miércoles - LOD is Spanish

  • I have a meeting from 10:00-11:00 at the ESC, and then another meeting for our accreditation at 1:45-2:15. If you need me, please feel free to call, e-mail, text, etc. If it is not an emergency, please see our wonderful Teachers in Charge: Sra. Hamer or Sra. Buell.
  • Leadership Meeting (TBA)
  • Zumba 4:45-5:45
  • Please, promote our LOD. Gracias.

Jueves - LOD is English

  • Grade-level meetings today - Please, meet with your grade-levels today for your own collaboration. Try to keep your conversations based around the framework we used for our last CPA (CO/LO - PASS/Language proficiency levels - Comprehensible input - student artifacts). Resource teachers, if available, will join you for your grade-level meeting so that you all can freely plan as need be.
  • Zumba from 4:45-5:45
  • Please, promote our LOD. Thank you.

Viernes - LOD is Spanish

  • Today is the Tamez Baby shower!!!!!!!!
  • Today is National Chocolate Mint Day. I'll try to find some good chocolate mints for us to share as we are "mint" to be together. ;-0
  • Have a great weekend
  • Please, promote our LOD. Gracias.
  • Online gradebook

    An updated and accurate grade book is an invaluable tool for all educators. It is expected that grade books will be updated on a weekly basis. Please perform a gradebook report on PowerSchool each Friday to ensure grades are not lost when report cards go out. TPS policy requires a minimum of:

    · 2 grades per week for Reading

    · 2 grades per week for Math

    · 1 grade per week for Social Studies

    · 1 grade per week for Science.

    · 4 grades per quarter for Specials subjects

    · Grades from library projects will be infused into the grade book of the subject it is covering as needed.

    Have a GREAT WEEK! You are the best of the best, and I am blessed to be with such great professionals like YOU! This is the best school in the nation!

Teacher of the Week

El Orgullo de Zarrow

Drum roll please..........................................................................................This week's Teacher of the Week is Sra. Gonzalez!!! You get the Principal's parking spot for the week :-)!!!!

Sra. Gonzalez is a dynamite teacher who dedicates her life to the success of children. She has one of the most crucial jobs according to recent Oklahoma law - Reading Sufficiency Act. It does take us all working together to help all children achieve to their highest potential, but there is another level of stress when teaching a tested subject matter much like English II, which you must pass in order to graduate high school, and 3rd Grade Reading so that you might not be retained. Nevertheless, this educational worrier is not afraid of any challenge and gracefully accepts this tall order and does not back away, nor back down. She continues to teach all students so that they aggressively mature in their reading and get on grade-level, or she instills in them the love of reading and they, therefore, only get better as the year progresses. I am amazed at what she does, and how well she does it!

Sra. Gonzalez, I cannot tell you how much I value and respect you as a person, and as one of the best teaching professionals I have ever met in an elementary setting. You work so well with the students, and you also do amazing things with your incredible para, Sra. Smith. I love seeing you both teach, and I love to hear your feedback on what you think works, doesn't work, what we could better, etc. Overall, I know that you are positively changing the lives of students at a difficult time in their educational career. This also means that you have to talk a lot with parents and other stakeholders, and you do so well. Thank you for being an advocate for our students, and thank you for ensuring their success year after year. This year will be no different than the rest. You have proven that, although we all want high test scores, you find the potential of the child, work very well with others, and do what is best or your children. For this reason, and many more, I do respect and value you. Congratulations on being this week's Teacher of the Week! And, gracias por todo!


Sr. Kellito

Zarrow International Elementary School

One Child, Two Languages - Unlimited Possibilities